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It my Birthday guys #happydance. I usually take my birthday very serious ask my sister she helps me make a big deal about it. My coming into this world is a very serious thing and it must be celebrated so is yours. Can I hear an Amen!!  Today I share with you my 23 lessons and things I have discovered about myself.

  1. Forgive yourself for accepting less than you deserved, but don’t do it again.
  2. Stop swimming oceans for those who wouldn’t even cross the bridge for you.
  3. No one can come in between my relationship with food, it’s a bound made in heaven that no man can put asunder.
  4. Don’t talk, act. Don’t say, show. Don’t Promise, prove. In short Actions is all I need.
  5. Karma is indeed a bitch and bites so painfully.
  6. Always put yourself around good energy, learn new things. GROW.
  7. Stop explaining yourself they will always understand from their perception.
  8. Find a good strong support system it takes you very far.
  9. Before you go around looking for people for the right person, be the right person for you and others.
  10. My Faith in God does keep me alive and going.img_20170213_151259.jpg
  11. Opportunities are there, it’s us to look for them.
  12. The comeback is always stronger than the setback.
  13. No one is you and that’s your power.
  14. Stay humble always.
  15. Damn I can shake what my mama gave me. I dint know I could turn up pretty good.
  16. The secret to a good meal is good music, fresh ingredients and simple cooking tools.
  17. Accepting yourself the way you are is the best gift you can give yourself.
  18. I love my hair kinky.
  19. My selfie game is quite on fleek should I also do a selfie book? Lol
  20. You make me angry come with good music and food and the feud will be over as soon as I take the first bite.
  21. Music is indeed food to my soul any day any time. And I believe I can sing pretty well.
  22. I really value commitment. So you can imagine how I give it all when it comes to all my relationships. I love and appreciate friends and family.
  23. It’s never that serious take a moment and laugh at yourself.



Happy birthday to me



The Perfect Jumpsuit.


My love for fashion is always growing. Am the kind of person that gets bored very easily and because of this am always adding new pieces into my wardrobe. Finding a good jumpsuit in this town is hard.When i say good i mean the fit is perfect the material is good for your skin and doesn’t cling to your body showing us all the cellulite you’ve got. I personally have been looking for the perfect jumpsuit  for a year and a few months ago i found it. The material feels great on my skin, the color is perfect i can wear it to any occasion and it fits perfectly. Am totally in love with jumpsuits and this one in particular. The only problem is when you need to use the bathroom whoosh!! ladies can relate.


God knows me and heels is a no no no. Even getting my balance is a struggle. #TeamFlatshoes.



Black jumpsuit- thrift shop in kahawa.

Belt- thrifted

Shoes- my sisters

Animal print headscarf- thrifted

Jewelry- Maasai market

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Love Love Love




Denim & Ankara.

From my previous posts by now you know am a lover of denim who isn’t?  And lets not even start on my relationship with Ankara. I honestly think this can work on anyone.Here i paired up my light weight denim shirt and my pencil ankara skirt. Perfect for a wedding or any other event. Here are some pictures.





Love love love


Mama’s Dirac.


Its so sad that i don’t have this piece in my wardrobe as a woman i think i should. Diracs range from at least ksh:250-Ksh:2000 depending on the material and designs. I love how they are free and one doesn’t have too worry about the perfect fit. They come in different colors and patterns. For this post i stole my mama’s dashiki dirac which she got as a gift from my aunt.

Here are some pictures for sure am going to get a couple of my own. You should too. Instead of a promo t-shirt or your boyfriends shirt for lazing around in the house this piece will do you justice. Guests never get you unawares, am sure some of you can relate.




Love Love Love



Prints & Fringes


Its been a minute since i did style posts. Sometimes i get too carried away with inspirational posts and forget to give you the other side of me. I apologize my loves i promise to work on it. Today am in love with prints and am craving for the beach badly. I got this dress on my usual stress releasing thrift shopping trips. Am totally in love with the back which has that wedding dress corset concept.

And of-late am more drawn to white outfits i think the colors in this particular dress are magnificent. This outfit can work at the beach, night out, lunch date with stockings on if you want to cover up a little.

Here are some of the shots my sister took. what do you think?



Look at that back!!!!!



Dress- Thrift

Shoes- Suiteblanco

Leather bracelet & Earings- Maasai market.

Love Love Love





The Famous LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must have for every woman. I love the color black for two reasons, the first is it usually slims everybody type and just makes you look flawless (P.s try wearing a body con in black and thank me later) and second it being a neutral color you can wear it with anything. This is the part where you can throw in your bright colored accessories  and trust the outcome to be stunning.

Here is how you can dress up the LBD for a night out or day out with your girls for a concert or even just lunch.




Model-Shufaa Othman

LBD- Thrifted

Shoes- Gift from sister

Grey sweater-Thrifted

On the lips- Revlon 663 va va violet

Keep slaying


Turban Tying

Have you ever woken up with a long ‘To do’ list and the last thing on your mind is what to wear? Am sure we have all had that day where a basic tee and a pair of jeans will just work well for the day. Well ladies i have a little secret of mine that works well for the dressing down days, its called the TURBAN/ HEAD-WRAP. The turban will always change your look from basic to chic and plus its a savior for the bad hair days. Today i will share with you  my four favorite turban tying styles that you should try out on your next basic look.

Style One

IMG_20160423_170048   IMG_20160423_165911

Style Two

IMG_20160423_164934    IMG_20160423_164731

Style Three

IMG_20160423_165203    IMG_20160423_165330

Style Four

IMG_20160423_165746   IMG_20160423_165623

Here are a few pointers when doing turbans for yourself ladies;

  • Always go for bold colors and prints especially if your are dressing down.
  • Try find cotton wraps/scarves they tend to stay in place unlike silk and polyester.
  • Always have an underlying wrap for security and to add fullness to the turban.
  • Be open to new tying styles and you tube tutorials can help in a big way.

There you go ladies simple but chic. If you try any of this styles please share the pictures with me on my Instagram @faithachy.

Love love love