My  name is Faith Gladys Achieng’,in my early 20’s( forever will be) and based in Kenya.

From a young age i always loved writing. Writing gives me peace of mind and sense of direction. It has helped me get a lot of things done and i have also been able to discover a lot about myself.

I started this blog as an experiment, i didn’t have a clue what blogging was all about but i just went ahead and started one. Am a strong believer in using what you have both internally and externally to do the extra ordinary. I believe if we don’t tell our own stories someone else will come and tell it their way which is very sad. Sometimes we try so hard to live someone else life without knowing what they have to go through to portray such an image. Best advice just stick to your script.

So this blog is an open book blog LOL!!! And i have decided to call my self ‘The Journey blogger’. Its all about telling my story in an authentic way. I hope to inspire you in one way or another. Faithfulness,Fearless and Respect are my way of life.

Don’t compare yourself to others because we were all made in the image and likeness of the man above.

Be a better version of yourself is my mantra.

With Love




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