For many this is impossible. To honestly forgive someone and truly mean it without holding any grudges. Grudges are like curses that are hard to break, and once this curse is broken that is through forgiveness we have a glorious feeling inside. Now forgives and reconciliation are two different things. You can decide to forgive but not to reconcile.

I know that amazing feeling when you and your partner decide to start a life together. At the genesis of the relationship we all make promises. Some of us even write them down and read them out to each other in the presence of our loved ones, but as life progresses things don’t always seem to work out that way.

Death does the same thing, it robs us off our loved ones. This is the most painful experience, it takes you to your darkest places. Places you never thought existed. You question so many things religion included. Sometimes it even turns you from a believer to a non-believer. Although here the reconciliation seems impossible it is possible. And here you reconcile with yourself. You come to terms with reality and soldier on with what you have.


Friends and family disappoint too. Some even reap your heart into half ruthlessly. The thought of you and them sharing a common space or even breathing in the same oxygen is just impossible.

You can force yourself to forgive but not reconcile. Forgiving people always shows you’re the bigger person, but reconciliation gives you peace of mind. Don’t force it if you don’t believe in it, but give it a try what have you got to loose?

Love Love Love




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