Jazz is an Attitude.


On the 26th of my birthday month was the annual Safaricom Jazz festival. If there is an event am usually prepared for it’s this one. I was never a jazz fun but my perspective was changed in 2015. I always thought it was boring and most of the people who attended jazz shows were old people. But on my first show my mind was blown away. First of all I loved how Kenyans make an effort to look good for these events. Then I also was intrigued by the type of crowd present, there was no rowdiness or people pushing and shoving everyone knew what brought them there. I thought to myself this was certainly my crowd.


But what I fell in love with most is the music, I loved how each instrument was unique in its own way but when fused together such beautiful music was created.  If we stop and think a little deeper this is the same analogy with life sometimes we meet different people and situations in life. But when you stop and look closely you will see how these different aspects have contributed in making you the beautiful person you are right now.


“Jazz is an attitude” this was the lesson I took home from Ray Lema a fantastic artist from the DRC. If you come to think about it too life is an attitude. Your attitude determines your perception on things. So for all of you who think Jazz is boring and all you do is sit and listen, my friend come for the next show and tell me what you think. Be ready to dance and completely lose yourself in the music.


Experience is the best teacher.


Love Love Love