Hiding behind ‘Self Expression’


I love how at this time and age people are not afraid to show who they really are and what they believe in. Social media has come in handy in that it has given many a platform to air their views to the rest of the world without necessarily having to stand in front of a big crowd.

We express ourselves through clothes, hairstyles, opinions you name it but to some extent I feel we are using this as an excuse to justify immoral behavior. One of my favorite people once told me, “Dress how you want to be addressed”. The first thing people see when you walk into a room is what you came covered in and their perception of you starts from there.

My generation is a culprit of using this excuse. You get high and act irresponsible in front of a big crowd you say people are not understanding you, you’re just trying to express yourself. You put your boobs out going for a job interview hopping the interviewer will be a man so that you can use the power of seduction on him you still call that self-expression. We have normalized ratchet behavior among young girls and we still call that self-expression. Am a little confused here so what is really self-expression?

What happened to the days where we were all encouraged to learn how to speak our minds in a respectful way and have the facts. Days where before you said or did anything you thought through a couple of the factors surrounding you. I understand that things evolve with time but as we evolve let’s not forget to do the right thing. Choose your way of life and stick by it. This idea of only going with a certain flow when it only justifies your immediate action doesn’t make sense.

Make a choice and live accordingly. If being ratchet is what you have decided stick with it, this idea of choosing to go a certain direction when it favors you is lying to yourself. Let’s redefine self-expression and think twice before choosing a method of self-expression.

Be careful what you put out there especially online the human mind might forget but the internet never does.

Love Love Love