Be the right person.


I have dedicated January to be the month of SELF. Self-realization, self-appreciation and to be content with yourself are some of the values am trying to preach. The above quote on my picture is really deep and I wish more people could just stop for a moment and ask themselves if they are really working towards being the right person.

Growing up my mother has always told me to always try and be the best version of myself so that I can be the right wife for my future husband, the right mother for my children etc. But I really wonder if my future husband is being groomed somewhere so that he can also be the right husband and father. Society victimizes women who are not married and haven’t started a family by 30, but my question is are we also raising husbands for our daughters. So much focus is put on the girl child by the women but what are the men doing about the boy child. Remember you cannot become what you don’t see. It has to be first hand.

Before you rant that this city doesn’t have good men or women, ask yourself if you pass as someone else right person. Seeking happiness and validation from other people is the fastest way to break yourself. So if the person you depend on for validation is having a bad day and decides that today  you’re an asshole, do you become one until she/he decides otherwise?

Make yourself your personal project, work on yourself until you are fully satisfied that what you have spent time gaining cannot be taken away from you easily. That’s what it means to be content with yourself. Let no mere comments and peoples selfish needs  bring down the empire you have spent decades building. Build yourself to the point when someone comes into your life you are able to build each other and when they decide to leave you are able to be your own self.

Define your character so that it can be uniquely identified to you and strive to be the right person. Never give up on yourself your all you have got.

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