Having your own back.

img_20170114_150319.jpg Today i finally went for my first yoga class, you know this year i decided i will do three things that includes; yoga , read books and grow. A former workmate who turned into a sister introduced me to the donation classes at the Africa Yoga Project and from that day i have never looked back. You know how people think Yoga is boring that you just go sit with your legs crossed on the mat and say “ummmmm” well am taking this opportunity to invite you just for one class so that you can see for yourself and experience the magical experience. Yoga is all about trusting yourself, trusting that your body can stretch beyond what you imagined and still be able to hold you. Today am talking about self trust, listening to your gut, being comfortable with your own company.

One day i went to Java i was meeting a friend, as i was waiting i noticed a young lady seated at the corner with her laptop, a notebook and a pen going about her business like nothing else existed around her. I really admired that lady and i told myself i cant wait for the day i will be able to do that and be comfortable with myself. Most of the times when we are alone we start to look for places to go and people to go with. Its not a bad thing but sometimes we have to learn to love our own company. Find something you love doing alone that is legal. Do it once in a while and just take time to enjoy yourself.Live in that moment.


I have come to realize when you thoroughly enjoy your own company then you find it easier enjoying that of others. It all starts at home and home is where the heart is. Another thing people really overlook is listening to their gut. Have you ever been in a situation where you know for sure that you don’t need/want a particular item but you end up buying because of the million ‘what if’s ‘ running through your mind? I have and most of the times i end up not using the item or i place it somewhere and totally forget about it. Trusting your gut gets you a long way it helps when making both small and big decisions in your life. This year at least lets trust ourselves a little more, if people don’t agree with our choices then that’s up to them.

If you listen to no one this year at least listen to yourself. We are our own enemies at the same time our own best friends. Stop going far to look for what is within you.

Love love love