Inner Strength.


Am at that point in my life where  i want to be at least 80% self sufficient emotionally. I really admire those who are able to pick themselves up without having to necessarily cause drama. Last year i was able to learn how to generate inner strength and to actually share it with people. I found it in giving love and caring for people. Believing in the good and having Faith that everything will be okay are what kept me alive.

Today i want to share this lesson with you and to encourage you to find your own inner strength as it will help you over come a lot of obstacles life throws your way. I know how it feels when you loose touch with your soul and loosing sight of your dream, its one of the darkest phase a human being can go through. It feels frustrating and depressing but you can easily get your self back if you choose to use your inner strength.

Finding your inner strength can be easy if you just find something that gives you hope and hold on to it tightly. It could be a person, a situation or a deed. Whatever it is use it, you will not feel the impact the first time but as you keep on using it you will just see it. I dint know giving love gave me so much fulfillment until one day i was going through a painful situation and noticed every time i showed an act of love i found hope in my heart and found a way to light my way out of the dark.

You will crush down but please don’t crumble because you will get through the pain. Just keep up with the Faith it will keep you alive, remember your were not build to break because you have immense inner strength.

Love Love Love