The Beginning


For Christmas my parents decided we were going to spend it  in upcountry, at first i wasn’t for the idea but once we were there i slowly started appreciating it. My parents had gifted me with the time away from life distractions to reflect and just enjoy ‘me time’. Not all the seven days were epic but the day we went sight seeing was the best looking at the beautiful sunset with my family was the best. Hence that beautiful picture.

I don’t  know if this works for you but for me a good view is all i need to crown my day. With this beautiful view in front of me and the amazing sound of waves from the lake i was able to make peace with 2016. 2016 was a great year for me i met amazing people who have become part of my life. I learned that in life am not obligated to please people other than myself. But my greatest lesson was GRATITUDE. Always be grateful for the moment you have, for what you have is what your sure of.

Now that a new year has been granted to us it simply means its the beginning of writing new stories, the beginning of new opportunities. This is the time to find yourself again in case you felt lost. This is your beginning and no one has power over that other than your and the man above. The canvas is blank, make your master piece.

Love Love Love