Stock Take-November 2016


We are now at 108 posts, 3088 views and 1755 visitors with 87 followers in 2 years. These numbers may seem small but to me they are a proof that my work is being  appreciated, Sometimes when am down i go to my WordPress app in my phone and just scroll down the posts and my spirit is automatically lifted. Thank you a million times #teamfaithyachy for showing me that we are together in this journey.

We have exactly 26 days before we close the year and it would be nice if you sat down just for an hour and take stock of how your year has been. Take it like a performance appraisal activity, this will help you when making your resolutions for 2017. Here is my second last one for 2016

Thanking God for the gift of life, goof health, friends and family. One can never take that for granted.

Scared that i only have one more semester of school. Where did the years go?

Feeling not ready for the outside world, can anyone ever be ready?

Missing my girl crew, my besties especially after just realizing next semester i will be all alone.

Excited about the resolutions i am making for 2017, I have a feeling its going to be a year of totally new experiences. Can we all say Amennnn!

Eating badly of late and this is really messing my ulcers up. After last night i think i now know better.

Obsessing over Janet Mbugua’s new blog post on sneaker mums, You should check it out here

Proud of Tom on his work Jamhuri Jam Sessions very very beautiful.

Jamming to Vanessa Mdee’s Hamjui. This woman is like a ball of energy i tell you.

Waiting on Christmas like my five year old niece is.

Wishing you all an amazing month full of blessings. #decembertoremember.

Love Love Love