Always a Lesson


“Never a failure, always a lesson.” This one of my favourite quotes I don’t why maybe its cause Rihanna has it tattooed on her body. If you pay close attention to your life you notice a lot of people walk in and out. Some stay for a short period others are still comfortable occupants. But what we fail to realize is the lessons these people and things leave us with.

You walk into a Financial Analysis class knowing nothing to do with this topic but when you walk out you have grasped one or two things, and you walked out of the class a better student. Now some classes take an hour others take four but they all have one objective to teach us a lesson.

This is the same analogy with life, people and the different situations we go through some take longer than others but their main objective is to teach a lesson. Before I realized this I used to get frustrated when a relationship ends so sudden. I always blamed myself for it. I always asked myself what I could have done so wrong that left such a bad taste in the other person’s mouth that they just left suddenly without an explanation.

Imagine losing a child three hours after bringing them into this world and only holding them for thirty minutes. It is heart-breaking we are always left with a void that nobody can fill, but as time goes by we start to understand slowly why we had to go through such a painful experience. Maybe your child was going to go through a painful experience that you would not have the strength to bare.

So let’s stop questioning the unexplained past, Pick the lesson from every situation and carry on. When someone leaves don’t beat yourself about it, if they are meant to be in that chapter they will be. Everything happens for a reason or should we just say life happens the way it should, so do yourself a favour and live it to the maximum. Tomorrow is not guaranteed my friends.

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