The Impressionist

Each player must accept the cards life deals them: but once they are in hand, He or She alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game – Voltaire

I again find myself in one of my favorite blogging space, the library. Oh I tell you this place gives me some good positive vibe plus I love the smell of books especially the old ones.


In my opinion I think I am THE IMPRESSIONIST, not the loud obnoxious one but the one who leaves love and laughter behind. If you disagree with my opinion that’s okay that’s why it’s my opinion am entitled to it. Growing up and I think even today I have always been the quiet one, especially in a new environment, but when I get comfortable and feel a lot of positive vibe I start to blossom slowly like pink carnations ( wait do pink carnations blossom slowly, or did I just say that cause they are my fav). By the time I leave a particular place or person I always feel like I have left a good impression.

I really love my best friend Dee we don’t see each other much but whenever we get the chance she constantly reminds me that I was created for greatness, that I know how to encourage people and I am a love giver even though sometimes I don’t get it back. Being THE IMPRESSIONIST is all about giving yourself entirely without expecting anything in return and I kid you not that is something I have come to learn to live with the hard way. Some people were created to give while other well just do the receiving. But if you give whole heartedly the satisfaction you get is good enough to fill that empty void in you or even help you get over the anger.

Whenever I leave an indelible mark on people, I feel good about me and it lifts me up. The good you leave on people will always reveal itself no matter how much they try and oppress it. People will tend to forget your name or pretend to but how you made them feel will always live in their memories.

Tenda wema nenda zako ( Do good and head your way) the returns always find a way back to you.


 Love love love