The Tools


We only have 64 days remaining before we close 2016, can you believe it? I know I can’t, just the other day we were wishing each other happy new year. Time does indeed fly. I know I haven’t been blogging constantly like I used to and I apologize for that.  I honestly have no excuse but am back.

2016 has been good to me it’s the year I decided to take charge of my life and live. Live like there is no tomorrow and to be honest am proud, because as this year starts to bid us goodbye I can say I came out a better version of myself. Faith Gladys Achieng’ of 2015 is not he same as the one of 2016.

So today I want to share with you the some tools I picked all through the year which have helped me on this amazing journey of self-discovery. Here we go;


Learning to turn the pain into possibilities. A healthy spirit has the confidence that it can meet the future. The ability to face pain depends on the force of forward motion. It’s the force that enables an individual life to expand and fulfill its potential because it is undaunted by pain when we stop moving forward in life we stagnate.


Learning to move from resentment to love. We need to teach ourselves to accept all ideas including the ones that offend us the most. We can’t do this with our intellect. Only something greater than ourselves is powerful enough to create that level of acceptance.


Finding the confidence in yourself. When you accept your shadow (flaws) and become whole you possess the ability to express yourself freely.


Having the ability to create peace of mind for yourself. Learning that gratefulness isn’t just an emotion but it’s also actually the means by which you connect to the source. The positive energy you generate inspires those around you to appreciate the blessing in our lives. From the small things like fresh air to the great ones like success.


Learning to use this tool to build unstoppable willpower. Nothing pisses me off like knowing what needs to be done and not doing it. Each time I feel demoralized I use this tool. Don’t wait for someone to evoke your will power. No is more qualified than you are.

Remember the greatest fulfillment is to be happy at least I know that is for myself, how about you?

Love love love