Stock Taking-October 2016


Hello there lovely readers I hope this finds you well, I thought it would be nice to move the monthly stock take to the end of the month. It just makes more sense so that we do the current month instead of the previous.

Before we move forward I would like us to take a moment of silence and pray for both cancer patients and their family members who stand by them. For those who have lost  their loved ones may God give you strength. If you haven’t been screened this is the month, if you’re feeling scared carry a friend with you.

Always thanking God for the gift of family, friend and life can never take those second chances for granted.

Listening and dancing to Beyoncé’s song Hold Up that song is a killer my friends. “Hold up they don’t love you like I love, slow down they don’t love you like I love. Can’t you see there is no man above you what a wicked way to treat a girl that loves you”

Reading ummm…. Nothing for pleasure other than my school books.

Freaked out how time is flying just a few months before I finish this undergraduate hustle.

Feeling loved by all my girl crews Edna, Damaris, Sisley, Sharon, Anne, Shufaa, Fiona, Dee, Sarah, Effie, Linda… the list is long.

Fascinated by how yoga makes me feel so good even though the whole two hours is just sweaty buts it’s for a good cause #teamsexybodyandpeaceofmind.

Just joined tinder and boy ain’t I getting interesting matches. This is indeed an interesting platform to meet new people.

Counting down to Safaricom Jazz Festival happening on 5th November. Ohh yeahh!! Are you ready for some jazz music?? I am

Did you know its 57 days to Christmas? This is indeed the best holiday of the year.

Looking forward to going to the shooting range next month.

Watching shades of blue now and thinking how talented can one woman be. JLO hands down mami.

Exhausted from the never-ending school work can the semester end already.

Eating both healthy and unhealthy at the same time, struggle is real or should we just call it a balance.


And look my lovelies I changed my hair color, super proud of my hair goals don’t I just look gorg…

Would like to hear from you in the comment section.

Love love love



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