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Its been a minute since I penned down something and I apologize for taking so long to put something up after my 100th post. You know I have been trying to find myself and get myself in the right track. There days I wake up feeling like a conqueror and there days I feel like a big screw up. The other day I met a friend of mine on my way from school, I was so happy to see her cause it had been quite a while. After a good hug I asked her how life was treating her and she told me how she was just from work trying to look for what to make for dinner as she had no house-help at the moment. I was so shocked at that house help statement so this raised more questions in my head and I went ahead and asked if she had a family already and she told me no it was just her and her boyfriend.

Noticing the car keys  dangling on her hand close to her purse I quickly ended the conversation with wishing her well. Now on my way home that’s when it hit me that people have actually made something of themselves and some of us are still celebrating how this is the last year of campus. This little conversation with my friend made me reflect on my four years in campus and at some point I felt like I had really wasted time. I know many of you are thinking I shouldn’t compare myself with my peers since we all have different paths. But let me ask how do you know sometimes that you’re just not living in your own bubble or just sitting pretty in your comfort zone being oblivious to what people are doing??

For a long time procrastination and I have been besties everything on my “to do” list just remains unticked in the “to do” list. I have been taking to long to figure things out and now am scared that time is catching up with me. What do people at 22 in my generation really do cause I honestly feel like this last year is like my first year, where I had no sense of direction and just went with the crowd. And to be honest this is really sad.

But one quote that is helping me stay sane and grounded is;

“Take 3 days  or 3 weeks or even 3 months off your time to sit and contemplate on what you really want to do with your time  and talents; who you want to be in life or how to embrace who you already are and dare to share that with the world” Oluma Ogba

I would really lie to know what you have been going through, Lets me know in the comment section.

 Love Love Love



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  1. You have really motivated me to wake up from my slumber zone…thank you and all the best in your endeavors


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