I choose…


I choose to always put God before everything else.
I choose to stay loyal to the man above because he is the only one who promises to always be my companion through the good and bad times.
I choose to embrace my body as it is because it’s my temple,my home.
I choose not to let people’s opinions define me.
I choose to tell my fellow sisters it’s not about seducing men it’s about embracing womanhood.


I choose to wear my hair natural cause that’s what brings out my beauty best.
I choose to learn about my culture and speak my mother tongue cause that’s where I will always come from.
I choose to love myself first then love others because you cannot give what you don’t have.
I choose to embrace being African because that’s where I find my happy.
I choose to keep a small circle of friends because for me it’s more genuine.
I choose to take everything I do seriously cause I will not have any other chance to live this day again.

I choose not to go to bed pissed at anyone cause am not guaranteed the chance to mend things tomorrow.
I choose that people come in and out of your life to give you certain lessons, so if someone walked out  of your life and you still can’t figure out what the lesson was then you were sleeping in class. Stay alert my friend.
I choose to do this blog post because Sometimes we need to be reminded that Destiny is not chance but choice.


I don’t believe in fate, I believe choices are what lead us to our fate.

What do you choose?

Love Love love



One thought on “I choose…

  1. I love, i love this topic.
    I believe our choices are the determinants of where we are now, what we have achieved and what we will have in the future.
    Keep up gal..thanks for reminding us staffs like this we assume atyms.


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