Blogger for Life


Am dancing to Wabe by Punit on my seat as i think of how to toast to this day. You know when i woke this morning there was some sort of excitement inside me and to be honest i count figure out why i was so happy. To cut the long story short cause deamm i can talk, TODAY IS THE DAY GUYS THE DAY WE OFFICIALLY TURN TWOOOOO…

Two years ago on this very day i was seated on my bed after church and decided it was high time to take my writing to the next level from notebooks to an online platform and hence the baby was born with My First blog. My second blog was the most entertaining i was seated at the school of business and economics at Kenyatta University criticizing how my fellow comrade had worn bathroom slippers to class and that lead to my second blog University Culture Shock.

The journey has been amazing not only have i improved on my writing but i have also left an impact on people. For me that’s what counts the most i want to be remembered for leaving indelible marks on people. Blogging has increased my net worth as an individual and here i don’t mean monetarily but in terms of the network i have build. Your network is your net worth.

Blogging has open my mind to so many things and it has changed how i perceive people and situations. Thank you for the love and feedback i get from you guys, you are all so close to my heart. If only i could throw a party and invite you all from the different parts of the world to come join me in celebration, i would.

Not all days are as good as we want them to. Writers block is usually a big problem, sometimes i feel so inspired but i don’t know how to put the inspiration in words. There also those days where i have nothing totally to say and i feel so weak and disappointed. The worst days are the ones i give my all to a post and don’t get the response i expected it really is heartbreaking.

Thank you again for the love and support and for making:

your favorite top five post for 2016. For those who just joined the family welcome and for those who are here for the first time please join the family by following the blog.

For this new year we are starting look out for more features, love stories, fashion, lots of food and maybe giveaways. Am taking suggestions on topics you would like us to feature, just reach out via the comment section.