You know for the past few weeks i have been observing Nairobi city every Friday night on my way home from work. To be honest i have been crushing on the fact that people are more courageous or should i say expressive on how they feel about each other. The love in the air is breath taking, its so amazing how times have changed and people can now hold hands and be lovey dovy in the streets of Nairobi without looking over their shoulders. To add to all the love the city at night looks remarkable with all the lighting put perfectly in place. .

So the other day i was in a matatu heading to town and at some point the matatu stopped at a certain stage to pick more passengers. At the stage something amazing struck me and it reminded me of the various infatuations i have had. There were two ladies and one guy,the guy entered first and only one seat was left, when he noticed that one of the ladies was going to miss a seat and had to squeeze with the conductor, he offered his seat. For a moment i thought to myself “mmhh chivalry is not dead after all”.

This simple gesture changed everything, the guy even became hotter. The two ladies were too shocked that they kept on giggling and whispering behind me how the guy was so hot and had manners on top of that. I laughed to myself and flashed back at my own various incidences where you meet a guy and he does something you dint expect and this tiny little did just changes how you see the guy.

All over sudden your interest is on him and nothing else,usually your next move is plotting on how you will make him talk to you. The butterflies in your stomach make you so restless and you just cant stop smiling. In your heart you’re busing saying a couple of Hail Marys hoping he will just say hi, while in your head your ticking THE checklist ladies you know what i mean. If you are lucky enough and the feeling is mutual he will ask for your name and number, and at that point your thinking “wow isn’t he strategic he has just hit the bulls eye twice”

At this point i don’t know whether we should call this love or just infatuation but whatever it is the sensation is amazing. The night is usually very long on that day, you can barely close your eyes let alone sleep.The recap of that moment is done way better than that of a football match am telling you and if your particular like i am you can even remember the exact words and when he took a deep breath ( don’t judge i can be that particular).

The best part is when he actually communicates, but that we shall talk about in the next post. I know this is a very awkward post but i think this are the little moments in our lives we over look. We are so quick to celebrate how far we have come and forget to remember and embrace how we started. Infatuations are the beginning of any relationships and usually they are the most frightening but also the most memorable and exciting. Try ask your partner if they remember when and where it all began and let me know in the comment section


Love Love Love