August-Baby’s growing up.


Its been a minute since i posted. To be honest i have no idea why it has taken me this long and this is meant to be my baby’s birthday month where blog posts should just be following each other. August is such an uneventful month for me but am trying new things to change this trend. Not to late to do the monthly stock take, so lets do this.

Thankful for the gift of family and life i never take that for granted.

Sitting in the office typing this post and looking out so that am not busted doing other things other than work.

Reading a lot of blog post from seeds of life am telling you this posts are uplifting. Also reading a lot of random articles online and on magazines.

Excited about the come back of my partner in crime in the office after a 3 week leave he comes back with chocolates for all of us in the office aren’t men wonderful.

Frustrated about my phone situation. My phone just decided to die and after a couple of CPR attempts it still wasn’t able to come to life. The frustration is real hoping for an upgrade soon.

I have come to realize that the most comfortable time of my day is when taking my evening shower before bed time. It feels so good when the water from the shower pours down on you and funny enough that is the time and place am most creative. So serene , so peaceful.

Eating/ Craving sweet things Oreo and Java chocolate fudge cake to be precise. Lord knows i can never say no to those 2 things. But am a little worried this cravings are a bit to much now.

Watching the new seasons of Tyrant and Suits at the same time and ooh boy they give me chills on my body after every episode. The power of politics and law whosh!!

Waiting to start my last year of campus i have a feeling this year will be lit. The universe is sending a lot of positive vibes my friends a lot of them.

Missing my girlfriends and my sister, we really need to have a girls day/night out.

Applauding my efforts achieved for the year so far, of course its not been easy but i feel am at a good place in the different aspects of my life.

Crushing on Grace Msalame so bad i think i have even perfected my stalking skills mann don’t i love that woman.

Hoping my sister is having the time of her life in coast right now don’t waste that moment sweety.

Dancing to Mafikizolo tracks and regretting why i dint go for the Koroga Festival  they were performing at.

Listening to Bob Marley’s Redemption everyday before i sleep. I have some Jah love in me i tell you.

Let me know how your month has been and please follow the blog.

Love Love Love



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