Thank You!!!


Av been feeling frustrated for the past two weeks, writers block has kicked in real hard and every time i try to draft something up it doesn’t even reach half the page. So today while taking a shower it just occurred to me that next month we turn two. Yes its been almost two years since i started blogging and boy has it changed my life.

Today i just want to stop and say thank you to all of you who support me. August 2014 is when this baby was born and i can clearly remember how i was so shallow i could barely put a theme for the blog leave a lone checking the stats. But now i have become a guru, thank you Jesus *sigh* The journey has been amazing and the learning curve even better.

We started with one follower (me) sad i know but now we are at 67. The number may seem small but some influential media personality once said “if you have more than 30 followers in any of your social media pages, you are already running a media house so use the platforms wisely.” I guess am already running two lol my dreams are valid can i hear an AMENNNNN.


  • for the 2634 views since we started
  • for the comments and likes i get after posting they encourage me to even work harder.
  • for  being honest and sharing your stories with me.
  • for helping me find my purpose.
  • for teaching me that love is connecting with other people in extraordinary ways.

I truly appreciate all the love i get from the European Union,Kenya,Norway,USA and the UK you guys top my stats always. All the friends and family who have stood by me and watched me grow as a writer, i don’t know how to even start thanking you. For those who always call when am late to post thank you for keeping me on my toes.

I promise bigger and better in the next year and working towards creating a brand and even hosting my own domain. But for now i would just like to say ASANTE (thank you) and lets continue telling our stories cause if we give someone else that power they will tell their own version.

Love Love Love



4 thoughts on “Thank You!!!

  1. Congratulations on your achievement. Im a new reader, juat found your blog recently. So i hope to read some stuff


  2. I am so proud of you dear for having the courage to chase your dream back in u are now a remarkable write Much love.


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