Active Love.

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Have you ever been in that state where someone really offended you and you find it so hard to forgive them. The worst part is the more you carry this anger around with you the more miserable you life becomes and it clearly shows on you face. I usually tell my friends forgive the person who offended you not because they deserve it but for your peace of mind and happy living. Where there is rage use active love and life becomes more enjoyable.

When someone enrages you and you cant get the person out of your head. You may replay what he or she did or fantasize about getting revenge. This is the maze-state that one gets into when angry and is so deeply involved that he/she finds it hard to escape. It puts your life on hold while the world moves forward without you.

Active love helps us fight the childish belief that people will treat you fairly. You refuse to move forward with life until the wrong you experienced is rectified. Since that rarely happens you remain trapped.

Use active love the moment you feel angered by someone. Use it when you find yourself reliving a personal injustice whether it was in the recent or distant past. Finally use it to prepare yourself to confront a difficult person.

Here are three steps that will help you with active love:

  • Concentration-feel your heart expand to encompass the world of infinite love surrounding you.
  • Transmission-send all the love from your chest to the other person, holding nothing back.
  • Penetration-When the love enters the other person don’t just watch,feel it enter, sense a oneness with him or her. Then relax and you will feel the energy you gave away returned to you.

Active love creates outflow, outflow is the force that accepts everything as it is. This dissolves your sense of unfairness so you can give without reservation. Once you’re in that state, nothing can make you withdraw. You are the chief beneficiary, you become unstoppable.


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