The Shadow


The idea of a second self living inside you may seem unbelievable.This figure is the embodiment of everything you feel insecure about. For me when this second self comes to life, i see an overweight short person whose face is full of acne and someone who can barely stand up for herself.

The shadow is everything we don’t want to be but fear we are , represented in a single image. Its called a shadow because it follows us everywhere we go. Everyone has a shadow regardless of their accomplishments, talents or appearance.Its one of the many archetypes(-patterned way of perceiving the world) we are born with. Examples of archetypes are God, Devil etc but the shadow is the only archetype that determines how we see ourselves.

Insecurities are so hard to get rid of. You can eliminate the flaw e.g loose weight but you can’t eliminate the shadow itself i.e seeing yourself as overweight. Its part of being human.The shadow is the source of one of the most basic human conflicts. Everyone wants to feel that as an individual we have value. But we look inside ourselves, we see the shadow and we are ashamed. Our immediate reaction is to turn away-to look outside ourselves for some evidence of our worth. This takes the form of looking to others for approval and validation.

The problem is no amount of validation can make you feel worthy-because no amount of validation can eliminate your shadow. When you crave approval from others you give them the power over you. The remedy to cure this shadow whenever you feel like its creeping in is Self Expression. Force of self expression has magical quality , it drives us to reveal ourselves in a truthful, genuine way without caring at all about other peoples opinion. So every time you feel the shadow creeping in and taking over just look for a way to express yourself it does wonders believe me.

Sleep well lovely readers and to all Muslim brothers and sisters EID MUBARAK!!

Love love love