July- Stepping Up.


Happy New Month!

Can you believe that the first half of 2016 is gone? yupp news flash just in case you were still stalling on your new year resolution list. People are now taking stock on what they have achieved and what has been challenging. So if you are still lagging behind i need you to step up and keep up with my pace.

July has always been that blah month for me nothing exciting happens except a few birthdays of some of my special people. So this July am planning to do things differently, to be more courageous and to expose myself into environments that drive me out of my comfort zone. As for the month that just ended am/I’ve;

thanking God for the gift of family, loving friends and a healthy life can never take that for granted.

applauding my efforts for my morning jogs with Lorna, those have been keeping me grounded and sane i tell you.

been feeling philanthropic in gifting people both materially and non materially. This made me feel happy i was actually following my June motto – reaching out.

eating a lot of apples i guess its cause my mum always brings them from work.

dancing/singing to Fena Gitu’s songs am so obsessed with this amazing woman. Enyewe fena ngoma zako ni kali.


reminiscing Ken & Vicky’s wedding after party, one hell of a party. We should have a post wedding after party * wink wink*

in love with the new clothes we got from the states, you should see how my mother has been caring her new handbag everywhere she goes.

having butterflies cause work is on Monday, lord have mercy!!

obsessed with this pic that was taken of me beside the pool for me it shows my perfect imperfections. Am so comfortable in my skin/body it feels so good to embrace you.



been watching Chicago Fire and shedding tears every episode, i don’t know if the hormones were taking over or am just deamm so emotional. In my next life i want to be a fire fighter. lol

P.s to those who are graduating invites would be nice. You know yourselves.

Okay am done goodnight. And don’t forget to let me know how your month has been on the comment section.

Love love love