The Perfect Jumpsuit.


My love for fashion is always growing. Am the kind of person that gets bored very easily and because of this am always adding new pieces into my wardrobe. Finding a good jumpsuit in this town is hard.When i say good i mean the fit is perfect the material is good for your skin and doesn’t cling to your body showing us all the cellulite you’ve got. I personally have been looking for the perfect jumpsuit  for a year and a few months ago i found it. The material feels great on my skin, the color is perfect i can wear it to any occasion and it fits perfectly. Am totally in love with jumpsuits and this one in particular. The only problem is when you need to use the bathroom whoosh!! ladies can relate.


God knows me and heels is a no no no. Even getting my balance is a struggle. #TeamFlatshoes.



Black jumpsuit- thrift shop in kahawa.

Belt- thrifted

Shoes- my sisters

Animal print headscarf- thrifted

Jewelry- Maasai market

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Love Love Love