Finding your purpose.


Before i embark into this blog post, let me just tell you how wedding excitement is around my family. Outfits are ready they have been for a long time now, yes welcome to my family. Tomorrow is the big day when two families become one and when Faith grabs herself a collymore. ( *wink wink*)

Okay back to today’s topic. Who really are you? Deep i know am that kind of girl. We have all been on dates at least once with a person you totally have no clue of, all you know about them is their name and that’s it. A lot of times this question pops up and we are so quick to describe ourselves with our titles, the ethnic tribe you come from, our occupation etc.

I want you today to ask you friend/spouse/child to describe themselves without using their titles, ethnic tribe or occupation. You will be surprised that most people are unable to answer this simple question. The problem is that we are too fixated on being successful that we forget that their is more to life. For me its not about chasing success, its about chasing significance. Being relevant, making an impact in your surrounding. Asking yourself what purpose were you created to serve.


People need to remember you for something bigger than your titles or which big corporation you worked for. Let me remind you that when you die your titles will only be eulogized in one sentence. Its sucks i know after all the time  spent to acquired them.

Finding your purpose on earth is not a one day thing. If you haven’t found it yet don’t sweat too much it will be revealed to you when the timing is right. How will you know? trust me you will just know. The man above has his way of working things. In most cases your purpose is hidden in day to day activities. Purpose is not a destination its a continuous journey.

It starts with baby steps start with a life mantra something that when you tell yourself cures all the negative vibe in your life.Mine is to be a better version of yourself, whats yours?


“You gifts will take you before kings, your character sustains you there.”