Showing up!


You, Barack Obama and Beyoncé have 24 hours a day what’s your excuse? A lot of times you ask someone why they were not able to do a certain thing or be able to make it to a certain event and they always tell you they didn’t have time. Now before you continue reading go back to the first statement of this post. Thank you. I have come to learn one thing that if it’s doesn’t make you happy or rich here I mean both monetarily and non-monetarily don’t make time for it. A lot of times we are so afraid to show up both in our own lives and other peoples. Most of the time we are scared of people’s opinion or of just simply failing ourselves.

For those who do not know this 80% of success is showing up. Show up for your own life commit to living abundantly. There times when we don’t just feel like doing anything at all we just want to sit and wallow in our misery our brokenness you name it. These are times when showing up, doing something about your problems is really tested.


Am not saying it’s easy but it’s worth a try. A few week ago on the last day of my C.P.A exams I was really freaking out and that morning I called my friend who was also doing the exams and told her I had given up. I told her I was not even going to step out of my house to go for the exams and she told me, “Faith I know it’s hard and am also freaking out but we just have to show up at least, we can’t back down now after all the effort we have put” and she called me again to make sure I had left my house and I thank her for that. On that day  so many people walked out of the exam room minutes after the paper was issued I felt like a victor.

“Showing up is essential. Showing up consistently is powerful. Showing up consistently with a positive outlook is even more powerful.” Jeff Olson

If you don’t make chances you don’t make advances. I appreciate those people who make time for me it shows they care. So if you have been postponing that call, text, or date because of time I think you can do better than that. Try to show up for every event of your life, opportunity may be equal but not the same.


Remember You, Barack Obama and Beyoncé have 24 hours a day what’s your excuse? 

Love Love Love




2 thoughts on “Showing up!

  1. That was really motivating Faith, at times wen we feel like thez no hope, its the end, actually thez more to life than giving up.
    That is showing up!!

    Thanks for that piece, personally i needed that.


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