Using what we have.


People who I know will always be real and honest with you are matatu touts, subordinate workers, the ladies who do your hair in the salon,in short the people who are doing the hard hustle trying to just put food on the table leave alone buy a car or a house. Try wearing a short tight dress and enter a matatu the tout will just be real with you when you are alighting “kwani Leo kuliendaje madam hadi kutembea ni balaa”

You want to find out the issues affecting the society both political and social ask these people, they never have anything to hide. I love their honesty and also appreciate how they have taken the initiative to do something about their problems, rather than just sit around and wallow how the government is corrupt and unfair in the distribution of resources. Or just sit in their houses waiting for hand-outs.

Last month I attended the Garden City Visual Arts show case and was awed by how young hustlers use their talents to create such beautiful art. So as I was going round admiring their work and I noticed on each side walk there was a guy seated doing sketches for anyone who was interested. I approached one and asked if his work was also being show cased he said yes and went ahead to show me some of the sketches he had done. The pieces were beautiful I even had to get one done for myself. The guy told me “unajua madam sisi huappreciate watu kama nyinyi hata kama hamnunui mnakuja tu kutusupport na kucheki kazi ya mkono yetu, hii hustle nipoa ata kama saa zingine haileti hela inatukeep busy” (you know we appreciate people who come and support our work even though they are not buying, although sometimes the hustle doesn’t bring in income, it keeps us busy).

At first I thought I had wasted my money but as I walked out of Garden City I felt like a Kenyan builder. I was better than that politician giving hand-outs to the unemployed youth as a way of bribing him/her to vote for him come the elections. Let’s buy Kenya to build Kenya a good place to start is at the Maasai market and go on a Saturday that’s when all the vendors are there.

Appreciating the work of Ndumia who even after giving him a complicated photo he smiled and told me he could manage. If anyone is interested please get in-touch with me.

“To be a  great human being you need to embrace art”

Love Love Love





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