The Darker Berry.


I have been ogling at this picture for days now, apart from the wow factor it gives for me it goes deeper than that. It reminds me of something I have been struggling to accept for a long time only to recently realize that is part of who I am. You know people describe you with your personal traits first before they get to know your personality. For instance you ask someone do you know Faith? And the person your asking will be like is she short, dark in complexion, curvy just to make sure you are both speaking of the same Faith. And that’s normal sometimes we might not like the traits used but what choice do the person have.

When I was in primary school I really had a big problem with my complexion. Everywhere I went I was always the dark girl/ the black girl. Every skin product commercial on TV always had a lady with a lighter complexion advertising it. I used to wonder if these products were meant for us dark skinned women. At first it never bothered me as much I guess because I was still young and if your mother told you you’re beautiful that’s all you needed to go by.

Then one day in class seven my class teacher came with threatening detention slips for defiance. After calling out the names on the list she had everyone was given a chance to redeem themselves. When my turn reached I told her I hadn’t defied anyone, and she told me “Faith you did the teacher who reported the case said it was a girl with a dark complexion and as far as am concerned you are the darkest person in this class” and I remember very clearly people laughed loudly and she apologized saying she did not mean it like that.

Those words have stuck with me to date. Did I get hurt? Of course I did I even wanted to cry in front of my classmates. My fears were confirmed that dark skinned women were not beautiful and that’s why people laughed at me. Or what else was I supposed to think?? And for heaven’s sake she could not use any other trait other than my skin color.

Later on I realized my skin color is part of who I am. Have I ever wished for a lighter tone? Definitely especially in my teenage years when the words beautiful and light skinned were always used in the same sentence.  But thank God it only remained a wish because now am more confident of my skin color. If you are going through this phase in your life right now just know it will come to pass, but you have to surround yourself with positive people and be ready to accept whole heartedly what God gave you. For a start read Lupita Nyong’o and Alek Wek stories it will give you a nice boost.

“If they hadn’t told me i was ugly, i never would have searched for my beauty, and if they hadn’t tried to break me down , i wouldn’t know that am unbreakable.”

Always remember we all can’t be the same even berries are different some are darker than others and those dark ones taste sweetest. So if you are a dark berry like I am its high time you start feeling sweet sweet about yourself.You control how you feel about yourself.

Love love






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  1. Beautifully said
    I was always figured you were super confident
    It’s nice that you shared this
    Thanks for this😊


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