Mothers Day


Happy mothers day to all mummies in the world. This mothers day am featuring a good friend of mine who become a mum at 20 to share her journey briefly. I believe young mothers also need to be celebrated and encouraged instead of being victimized. So here is some little inspiration from a person who has gone through what some of you are going through. P.s the blog is a little long but worth reading I promise.

‘I’m pregnant’. That’s what I said to my boyfriend before he broke out into laughter. I was so scared I thought eh hapa I’m on my own. He didn’t say anything about it until later on that evening when he told me we are keeping the baby. I remember thinking how amazing yet scary that is. A baby at 20, still in school, in my mother’s house not married what should I do? That’s not how I had thought my life would turn out. People are going to judge while you are pregnant then once you give birth they are excited then it becomes old news. Pregnancy is not plague so embrace it because once the baby comes its all worth it.

We went for checkups, my boyfriend and I trying to figure out how this baby would turn out, how our life would be. I was SCARED! FREAKING OUT! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

One time my partner and i were having a conversation and he told me, ‘usiogope! Sitakuacha.’(don’t be afraid i will not leave you) We got our baby boy at around 10 p.m on a Thursday night. Brought him home the next day. This is where the long journey started. The baby crying, falling sick, getting weird rashes and learning to sit, walk, talk. All this things drive you crazy and make you happy at the same time.

My mom has been with me throughout the journey. My mother-in-law also especially when my son is sick and we are all wondering what exactly is wrong. My sisters are amazing aunts though sometimes motherly instinct take sometime to come around but they are amazing. My dad also always telling me that the best punishment is grounding the boy, I don’t think that would work though. It takes a village to raise a child and that’s my village. I have saved the best for last. My baby daddy/boyfriend/sugar and spice haha. He has stayed true to his word. He is an amazing dad and he has surpassed himself and I couldn’t be more grateful for him in our lives.


To my baby boy,

I loved you even before I met you before I saw you. When I first held you it was so surreal. To know that you are my baby boy, my precious jewel. I saw love in a way I ad never seen before. You became part of my heart and soul. Thinking of how much I love you makes me want to cry.

 I want you to know that mommy loves you very much, even when you are throwing tantrums and I’m yelling at you. I pray for you everyday and even when I am not with you I always carry you in my heart. I want you to be happy and be the best that you can. Always stay strong willed my son, don’t let anybody bring you down. Follow your dreams child. I can already see how much of a musician you are. I’ll do my best to nurture your musical talent even though I know your dad will be sneaking you off to go for rugby training but it’s ok. You are a boy of many talents.

I know we will argue and fight. But this love and bond we share is too strong to be broken.

Love you


Thanks Cynthia for agreeing to do this.

Happy Mothers Day