May-month of Motherhood.


It’s unbelievable how the first quarter has gone by. But am happy so far so good. This year I decided to be more realistic and true to myself, so i usually give myself monthly goals and to be honest am able to achieve at least 50%. May for me is that calm month. The month we celebrate mothers, even in church it’s the month of our lady (that’s if you’re catholic). Offer up some of those dying intentions you’ve been having and you never know this could be Gods timing.

Here is what I have been up to last month

Always thanking God for the gift of life, love and family never take these for granted for they are not  rights but gifts.

Listening and Singing to Whitney Huston’s “I will always love” right now and wondering why I wasn’t one of her BGV’s. Deamm I wasted my voice.

Cooking nothing special to share since I have been eating out a lot and have a number of restaurants you guys should try out.

Happy with my natural hair journey you should see how am glued to Sheila Ndinda’s You Tube page. Anyone on this Journey check out her Instagram and YouTube pages

Replaying Nina Ogot’s song “Aheri” and H_art the band’s “Love Phobic” the instruments in these two songs are insanely amazing. Try listening on your headphones with full volume and thank me later.

Watching Blackish and I’d recommend it to anyone. Wondering why this “Game of Thrones” diehards are creating such a big fuss .Come slowly mann!!

Stressed over my C.P.A exams.

Obsessed with my mother tongue all over sudden everything just sounds good in Luo especially jokes. My parents would be proud to read this.

Getting rid of some of the things in my closet. The first quarter is gone you need to get rid of the things you haven’t worn in the past few months.De-cluttering is good for the soul.

Working on my spending problems because of late I have been doing a lot of buying.

Admiring the African pieces I have been collecting for my wardrobe. Will be sharing them here on the blog.

Waiting on my cousins wedding and I guess it’s not only me you should see my relatives talking about the outfits they are planning. Yawa!! June 25th where are you.

Celebrating Motherhood and womanhood this May. I would love to know how your month has been and what you’re planning for this month.

Love Love Love




2 thoughts on “May-month of Motherhood.

  1. I conquer with you on the game of thrones obssession..I also don’t get what all the fuss is about..its just like any other series after-all..
    A happy mothers day to you & your mum too.


    1. Hahaha I know some people should not see this comment otherwise we will be dead..Thank you and dont forget to celebrate mummy and other mums this month. 🙂


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