Turban Tying

Have you ever woken up with a long ‘To do’ list and the last thing on your mind is what to wear? Am sure we have all had that day where a basic tee and a pair of jeans will just work well for the day. Well ladies i have a little secret of mine that works well for the dressing down days, its called the TURBAN/ HEAD-WRAP. The turban will always change your look from basic to chic and plus its a savior for the bad hair days. Today i will share with you  my four favorite turban tying styles that you should try out on your next basic look.

Style One

IMG_20160423_170048   IMG_20160423_165911

Style Two

IMG_20160423_164934    IMG_20160423_164731

Style Three

IMG_20160423_165203    IMG_20160423_165330

Style Four

IMG_20160423_165746   IMG_20160423_165623

Here are a few pointers when doing turbans for yourself ladies;

  • Always go for bold colors and prints especially if your are dressing down.
  • Try find cotton wraps/scarves they tend to stay in place unlike silk and polyester.
  • Always have an underlying wrap for security and to add fullness to the turban.
  • Be open to new tying styles and you tube tutorials can help in a big way.

There you go ladies simple but chic. If you try any of this styles please share the pictures with me on my Instagram @faithachy.

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  1. I love the general outlook..though they kind of make you look like an indian singh/kalasinga minus the thick beards..haha!!( pun intended)..anyway it complements your looks..nice


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