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I always admire the people who are able to remain true to themselves regardless the situation they are in. People who are not afraid to tell their truth even if it means losing some people in their lives. The people who make so much money and become famous but don’t let the money and fame define who they really are. For me that’s the true definition of being you. Some time back my friend and I were having random conversations and I asked her if she has ever found herself in a position where shes changing certain things in her life just to please the other person or to be at par with the other person. We both found ourselves nodding our heads agreeing to be culprits of this unhealthy act.

For instance in a relationship have you ever found yourself changing the basic things that define you, how you speak, the movies you like, the music you listen to, the friends you hang out with these are just few examples. I believe a relationship is made up of two people with different personalities but with a few things in common. Partners are meant to love each other with their perfect imperfections. Perfection isn’t necessary nor is it possible, to love one’s fault is to find peace.


Don’t lose yourself to someone or something else, if you do then you lose the chance to fulfil your purpose. All of us were put here by God to find our purpose and serve him with it. We tend to hide ourselves in other people because we are afraid of failure, we are afraid of being on our own and doing things by ourselves.

Remember that failure is an event not a person. We should stop allowing our failures to become our identities. Once you identify yourself as a failure, this affects how you approach life. We tend to quit quicker and take few risks. Learn that any action is better than no action.


Always be proud of you and here I mean both your positive and not so positive traits P.s negative is a strong word in this context. If you like your coffee strong or you can’t live without your animated movies then that’s you, never change that for someone else except yourself. If keeping up with the Kardashians is your thing and your partner/sibling finds you lame or gets pissed off when you’re trying to explain to him why Kim has to move out of her house just for one room to be renovated, just tell him to suck it up and live with it those are the things that make you happy. And plus life is too short to keep up with the annoying never ending corruption scandals in Kenya.

As you be authentically you don’t forget that there is always room for improvement and growth. You are always a work in progress no matter how much you have achieved in life.


Be a better version of yourself,

P.s hope you like the pictures and the quotes like i do of late i have been feeling way to creative.

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