Embracing Change


Nothing in life is permanent not even life itself. The old me was the kind of person who liked things to remain always contant . Even when my parents changed the routine in the house I was the first to get irritated. I have always been comfortable with the same old same old. Although this is still a work in progress, I think now am more open and adjustable to life transitions.

Today on the guest feature is the beautiful, smart, kind and talented  Shufaa Othman ” Miss Eva” We have been great friends for a long time and today i decided to feature her for this topic cause she is the person who has shown me best how to embrace change and take the positive from any transition. Her actions usually speak louder than words and am not sugar coating because she is my friend just spend a month with her and you will see what am talking about.


She is one person who knows how to push someone out of their comfort zone in a polite way, I don’t know how she is able to do that but she does it so well. I remember in high school when I wanted to join the school choir and was so freaked out for the auditions, she told me “Faith you sing better than some people who have already made it so let’s go” trust me I stood and went for the auditions.

Behind that cute smile there is a long story, from being raised by a single mum to moving from different cities and changing schools like clothes she was still able to show people nothing can hold her down. I love how she is a people’s person and is able to make friends so fast. Shufaa always looks for ways within her surrounding to shine bright. In my opinion you’re every young girl’s Barbie doll. She always prove to me that whatever comes your way take the positive and let the negative land on the person who has time to entertain it.


If you’re looking for someone who never has excuses when opportunities present themselves, it’s totally her. Since high school we all have changed both physically and psychologically, for sure how we carry ourselves now and how we did before is totally different. I can tell you for Shufaa her body has transformed you should check her blog for the throwback pictures the girl was tiny. So many people have body shamed her others even on her face but how she deals with them is amazing. The lady has owned her new body very comfortably and confidently. She’s more confident (as you can see in the pictures) and self-driven deals with issues in a very mature way. Very proud of you girl.

Shufaa is a Psychology student at Kenyatta University and also a member of the NCC- Nairobi Chambers Chorus yup the girl has got serious vocals. Trust me getting into this choir is no joke I tried. She is also a blogger you should check out her blog here and follow.


“Try and take every opportunities that come your way, you never know which doors they open”

“Constant is too boring, embrace change”

Lessons from this amazing insanely gorgeous woman that i think is worth sharing. Isn’t she gorgeous?

P.s always find people in your life that teach you specific things and stick by them you learn a lot.

Love love




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