Lessons from my loved ones.

It’s been a while since I posted, am so sorry about that. Exams have been taking me on a roller-coaster and for a minute I thought I lost my mojo. I really hope not, I guess this is a phase all creative minds go through. So yesterday I was sitting in darkness at the balcony having my dinner and sipping my wine slowly. These are the things Kenya Power make you do when you have no electronic on and all you have to do is sit by yourself and just enjoy the simplicity life has to offer. For a minute I missed my shagz (rural home where my parents come from). So as I was enjoying my dinner I kept on asking myself “Faith what are the ten lessons you have picked from the people around you the people who make an impact in your life?” I think that’s an honest question we should all ask ourselves once in a while. It helps you know if you’re actually living or just occupying space and finishing oxygen for the people around you. I ended up doing eleven lessons though, here we go;

  1. Always make your own money regardless to whether you marry the king of England or the president’s son or daughter. Learn to manage on your own and don’t depend on people to get your things done do it yourself. Learn to love yourself before others it makes it easier for you to love the people around you. You can only give what you have. – Lessons from my mother and she makes sure to remind me this all the time.
  2. Education is not meant to make you rich but happy, so that when you grow up you will know the value of things and not the price. Always work smart and do what you love it takes you to a better place than when you do what brings you more money. –Fathers teachings.
  3. Pray pray pray and pray some more. Pray for yourself and the people around you remember you need to surrender all to God and he is the giver and taker. Learn to cook good meals and present them well do it for yourself first then for your guests. You learn how to treat yourself as a queen/king then it becomes part of you (a habit) and when it becomes a habit then you do it to everyone else naturally. – Lessons from my Godma.
  4. The main reason people take you for granted is because they assume you will always be there. Know you are worthy of honesty, love, loyalty and respect. Never be afraid to disappoint, never settle for anything less. And of course men are wonderful and a woman should always uplift another woman. – Lessons from my mentor Mitchelle Ayoro Osok.
  5. To grow in your career you need to enter the market and be willing to start from the bottom, even it means serving the CEO tea. Once you’re in its easy to be recognized through your hard work and you’re able to grow. Never have the mentality that you have reached, once you reach you become comfortable and when you become comfortable you stop to grow. Remember your always work in progress.-Lessons from the amazing Carol Kandarah.
  6. Marry the person that prays for you and that’s willing to pray with you for the rest of your life. Respect is earned and not given and what people say about you doesn’t make who you are. Children are always a gift from God and not a curse. – Lessons from Effie Kissiu.
  7. Never hold grudges or bitterness in your heart. It’s like bearing the smell of spoilt tomatoes that you forgot to remove from your bag in a week. – Lessons from Joseph Manywanda.
  8. Always send positive energy to the universe and it sends back positive vibes to you. Read read and read some more it always does something to you. You can tell a difference between a woman who reads and that who doesn’t. Friendship is all about staying true to each other. – Lessons from Anne and Sharon.
  9. Try and take all the opportunities that knock at your door. You never know which one will lead you to that place that you have always wanted. If you don’t like the person you’re becoming, you’re the only one who has the power to change that. – Lessons from Shufaa Othman.
  10. Always be you never compromise. Always be nice to everyone it takes you far. Always stay humble. – Lessons from small sister (Sarah) and big sister (Fiona).
  11. Lastly from Brian Kogei- don’t ever disrespect anyone no matter how much they hurt you or disrespect you. It just simply shows you’re the mature one between the two of you.

With these lessons I have been able to live a happy stress free life. And to always put a smile on my face. So those are my eleven lesson I would really love to know what yours are. Let me know on the comment section.


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2 thoughts on “Lessons from my loved ones.

  1. Wow,faithy. I am so proud of you, your words are so eloquently written but the message is even more bliss. You truly have a niche in inspiring others keep it up.love you!


    1. Aaaw thank you Brian . And thank you for reading this post. I try as much as possible to share my life experiences with the hope to inspire someone some day. Love you more


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