April-Friendship Month


I love this month i call it the month of happiness and celebrating friendship. March has been a roller coaster for me but thank God its over.

Thanking God for the gift of life and family, never take that for granted.

Dreading exam week wooshh this is the period that drives everyone crazy. Have you ever noticed this is the time you want to do everything else apart from reading. Yup that’s me.

Waiting on my sisters birthday like its mine. I think April babies are as cool as February babies Lol. Any April babies in the house am offering treats.Am just a phone call away.

Replaying Bob Marley’s Redemption Song over and over again especially before i go into any exam room trust me it helps. The power of Bob Marley!! Jah Bless. Have you heard the different covers done for the song. You should just take 20 minutes of your day and go to you tube and thank me later.

Obsessed with how my body is turning out.Although i haven’t been giving working out much attention but the walks from school to Kahawa and healthy eating have been doing me good. Indeed Stronger does look better naked literally.

Drinking a lot of  cold water and milk, this heat is real.

Banana and yogurt have become my new favorite snack You should try it especially with vanilla yogurt and sweet bananas.

Listening to Mwanake by KIU the all girl band.Deamm the girls can sing really well.And starting to really appreciate Kenyan Music


Saving for a suave Kenya bag God knows how long i have been drooling at their website for months.

Planning something special for special people in my life. Told you April is that month of happiness.

Scheduling to go watch a movie at Imax . Garden City when are you officially opening Imax i have been waiting yawa.

Celebrating my efforts in school my last semester results just checked in and am happy. There is actually hope in finance.

Sending a lot of positive energy to the universe and its working Sharon.

Thinking of doing something crazy i wonder what that is? Any suggestions and it should be crazy.

Let me know how you month has been and what your planning for this April. If you have no plans at least be happy and celebrate friendship like i am. Enjoy your month.

Love love love