Hail the African Queen!!!

In my own world i am an African queen. Am actually obsessed with African fashion, i collect from bags to jewelry to material you name it. Have you seen the colors on African fabric they are to die for. I love how they are so versatile and how you can make anything work for any outfit be it to the office, the club, the beach. So if by now your not embracing this part of fashion please let me buy you a cup of coffee and show you how we can make it work for you. I promise we will find a middle ground. I told you the obsession is real.

In case your still in doubt let me show you how to work an ankara jacket with shorts. Yupp you heard me shorts!!! I got this material from my mum as a Christmas gift, have never been happier. This jacket design had been in my head and sketch book for a while so when i took it to my new tailor she was amazed. But what convinced me that she would deliver was her attitude. Am telling you the lady knows how to keep the clients coming and her business running. Enough said here are the pictures.IMG_20160331_134638




Now do you see what i mean when i say this is a must have in your closets. You should see how i influence my small circle to start collecting African pieces for themselves and i think they love me a little more LOL.  Keep up with the blog for more African style posts and if you have any questions, comments or suggestion throw them on the comment section.

Love love love