All the things we never say.


Have you ever been to a requiem mass or a burial service of a loved one, usually when its time to pay tribute to the deceased, that’s when you hear all this loving heart warming messages people have jotted down either on paper or their heads and tears just drop down. what i always wonder is were this things ever said when the person was still living? And if this things were left unsaid how does one feel? Every single day of your life caring something in your heart afraid of what the other person will feel, what others will say only to say it when they cant feel anything or you never get to say it at all.

If you know me well am that kind of person who likes to ask the deep questions. So one day i asked a friend of mine what is the one thing she has always wanted to tell someone but has never got the chance? And she told me if she had a chance to just turn back time, she would go back to the last day her father dropped her off to school from mid-term and all she wanted to say was ‘ I love you Dad‘. But those words just could not come out little did she know that was the last day she was seeing that amazing man who had been raising her up like a princess.

Sometimes we offend people knowingly or unknowingly and usually at that moment we are so furious and don’t care what the other party is feeling. If we are not careful this feud changes a lot in our relationships. People stop talking to each other, and if your unlucky that both of you share the same circle of friends going for functions becomes uncomfortable simply cause you cant stand each other in the same room. If your in such a situation i will advice you to just apologize even if you don’t know what your apologizing for. It just shows your the bigger person ‘the adult’  in the room. After saying Sorry you will realize how you missed years of friendship just for some stupid reason.

Have you ever been at that place in your life where your confused and lost? You have no idea of where to start or whether to quit. You see the problem with us is sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves even when you have tried all the methods and your still not getting the results you desire. Society has put a ” winners are never quitters” pressure on us and it makes us hate ourselves when we can smell failure around the corner. When you try something and you know you gave it your all and it just doesn’t work out its okay to let it go. It simply means that it wasn’t in Gods plan at that very moment. Am not saying you become lazy and don’t put effort in your work, now that’s a totally different attitude. There is nothing wrong with saying NO, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH when you know your being true to yourself.

” I believe in commitment.I believe in being open and trusting each other and respecting each other completely.” Anna Kournikova

A lot of times especially on our romantic relationships people become attached to each other and get used to each other. At the beginning of these relationships a lot is usually said, the ‘ I love you’s, you mean the world to me, you hurt me, i miss you’ become the norm. But as time goes by we tend forget that we still need to hear this words with actions of course to remind us of where it all started. So if you miss  someone and your pride or ego is not letting you utter this words, just say them. You never know of tomorrow. Be honest to yourself and others and speak your mind when you still can,don’t wait until the situation is so bad that’s when you start opening up.


Yours Truly