Well-Being as Adults

I love being an adult it comes with so many positive things that open your mind and leave you saying ‘WOW’ all the time. You know it’s been exactly one month one week since I turned 22. I still don’t know what people do at 22, I guess am yet to that figure out slowly. There is one thing I have noticed with myself of late, I have become very open minded. Am not the same person I was three years ago, I read more, appreciate myself more even when everyone around me thinks am a looser. People’s opinions don’t affect me as much and I react to things in a more mature way. If this is what growing up is then I guess am doing a good job at it.

Yesterday I was reading and came across some article that was talking about well-being as adults, it gave six dimensions to feeling good about yourself as you grow up. I honestly think it’s worth sharing and if you are a grown up you will for sure relate.

In my rule book Age doesn’t define maturity, it’s just a number that’s helps you keep track of how long you have either been existing or living. You could be a man at 20 or a boy at 32 choice is yours.

Here are the six dimensions that will help you feel good about yourself.


Being able to accept yourself as an imperfect but developing human being is the first step towards well-being. It’s much better to look back on your past and say “I’m Okay” than to criticize yourself and your failings. Regardless to what stage in your life you are at always accept yourself first then everyone else around you will do the same. Self-respect and self-acceptance works in the same way.


We live in a social world, and it is therefore important that you are able to relate to people in a warm, emphatic manner. Relationships are about give and take; failing in this regard will mean you will lead a lonely, unhappy existence.


Are you in control of your job, or does your job control you? What about your home and personal life? A key to well-being is in knowing who the boss is, and exerting your mastery over your work, home and personal life.


Do you live according to your own internal, personal standards, or are concerned with the expectations of others and how they judge you? By maintaining an independent outlook on your life, you don’t need to conform to social pressures.


Do you have goals, ambition, and a sense of direction? Do you have aims in life, or do you lead each life from hour to hour waiting for the final bell?


Finally, adult well-being is about recognizing that you are always in a state of continuous development, that you hold the key to your personal growth. Else, you feel listless, tired and bored, as though you are powerless to develop new attitudes and behaviors.


Keep being a better version of yourself and slayyyyy!!!

Love love