Whats your pick?


There are men who make plans and there men who don’t. There are two kinds of men the one who stays in a job that sucks just because it pays the bills. He has his demarcated office with his name engraved on a gold metal plate screwed on the door. He has a smocking hot PA  always in heels who is dedicated  and makes sure all calls  are made and the relevant messages jotted down. This man is always in a suit, never forgets to pack his toothbrush when he travels . On a date he discreetly points out that you’ve got a speck of spinach on your teeth. He uses big words in conversations and half the time you have no idea of what he is talking about.

He is the guy who will always ask you to write a shopping list of what you need. The guy who waits for important dates in your life to send you flowers or buy you a gift. He seeks purpose and sees life as a maze that needs to be navigated

Then there is the man who is doing what he loves, he is too carefree too conflicted. You will always find him up in the wee hours glued to his iPad or laptop trying to create something. He designs, sings, dances, paints, builds masterpieces from thoughts and ideas. He doesn’t live within the walls of conventions. You don’t understand him most of the time because unlike the first guy he cant tell you his five or ten year plan. For him this five or ten year plan is for wankers. Don’t get it twisted its not that he doesn’t have a plan, he has, only that its not a five year or ten year one.

He is the guy who will reach over the table to wipe the speck of mustard from your mouth with his thumb or playfully tickles you in a crowded coffee room. He never takes life too seriously. When he creates he goes into his own world and disappears he could be seated next to you, but you might as well be alone.

This guy doesn’t seek purpose and doesn’t see life as a maze that needs to be navigated. He is just the guy who loves the smell of rain on the dusty grounds, and if given another chance in another life he would want to come back exactly as he is. So whats you pick ladies the creator or the planner? And gentlemen are you the one who never forgets to pack the toothbrush or the one who tickles her in a crowded coffee room?

Let me know on the comment section and i will tell you my pick.


Its good to be back!!!