March 2016-Stock Take


Thanking God always for all he has done for me especially after Sunday i have a lot to be thankful for.

Shocked at how time is flying so fast i cant believe my month has just gone by. It was a good one though for everyone who made it worthwhile thanks. P.s birthday gifts still being accepted.

Eating/ Enjoying kienyeji chicken yummy in my tummy.

Listening to my neighbor watch Nigerian movies hahaha i told you this things are addictive even men watch them.

Dancing to Nina Ogot’s song wololo( its a luo,french and English song) for those who are not picky with music i think you should check out her website here

Experimenting on lots of random recipes from my head and cookbooks and thoroughly enjoying the food am worried i need to start planning a visit to the gym.

Trying  to do my hair on my own look at how the Bantu knots i tried turned out (the above picture).

Watching Kevin from work and laughing my ass off. Where was i when this comedy series came out. Looking for something to watch i recommend this.

Reading my school work since school has become intense.

Having phone issues and its pissing me off.

Wishing for a vacation to just land from haven am so tired i think a weekend away from will do me some goods. If wishes were horses…

Missing someone but i just cant tell them.  I don’t know why..

Obsessed with furniture from Dinku Furniture you need to check them out here . Cant wait to furnish my own house.

Looking forward to long holiday already its that serious.

Reminiscing Safaricom jazz festival 2016 it was one hell of a show with amazing company. I had no idea i loved jazz music that much.

Taking a 2-3 week break from blogging. I promise i will be back with fresh exciting things. I honestly think i need this break to restructure and plus my school work is pilling up so bear with me. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stop by once in a while to check up on the posts you might have missed.

Let me know on the comment section how your month has been. Looking forward to hear from you.

Love love love