10 Things You had No Idea Of About Me.


(This is my nice serious face)

So today i have decided to loosen up a little and let some of my little secrets out the bag. For those who think they know me so well here are 10 things you did not know about me and even if you knew some am sure you will learn something about me. Hahahaha i hope so.

  1. Back in 2012 my friend and I recorded a song in the studio. The song was called “Party Crushers”. I have no idea where the audio compact disk went but the song is still fresh in my head. Yup those were the days i thought i would be the next Kenyan Beyonce. You never know maybe am cooking a Grammy song.
  2. I don’t eat fish and any kind of sea food, its not that am allergic i just don’t like it at all. I haven’t eaten it in over 7-9 years now. But am confident i can throw down a well made fish meal for you. Anyone wants to challenge me on this the offer is open for the next 2 weeks just call me up.
  3. My first job was of an assistant teacher. Used to teach kids in the lower primary. I know your wondering what i used to teach them….Well some creative arts and a little math and English. Those kids were way too adorable and even though there were days they used to give me one hell of a time, i still loved them so much. Leaving them was one of the most emotional days i have had in my life.
  4. I have a bad habit of looking at mens shoes when i first meet them. I believe a man’s shoes says so much about them. Am more drawn to the loafers, casual street sneakers, leather dress shoes, dress boots. Truly appreciate and applaud men who have  an on point shoe game. My secret weakness!! I guess not anymore.
  5. Am a random music listener, i don’t constrict myself to one genre . As long as the message and the beats speak to me am all in.
  6. Tried getting into radio but failed miserably. When Nyce Fm needed new presenters i sent in my demo and actually secured myself and interview. I remember how i was so convinced this was the beginning of my radio career. Who was i kidding on the day of the interview i froze, but at least i tried. Nyce Fm is the first African on-line radio station you should check it out here
  7. I have a totally huge crush on babies. If only i could collect all my nieces and nephews and stay with them. Waitttt!! those are  way too many babies but they are so cute. They always know how to get into my heart. You should see me in church i have made dozen of baby friends just with a simple smile and funny faces.
  8. I never have a specific favorite color. It changes all the time i guess according to seasons and moods.For instance now am into whites and animal prints on furniture and hues of orange,red and blue o fabrics.
  9. I love watching those famous Nigerian movies people hate on. They  just have a way of cracking me up, at least i get to see African talent on screen. Although some are usually exaggerated that even makes them funnier. “Afrosinema continues shortly..” ( Just laugh)
  10. Last but not least am a secret football lover In the English premier league am an Arsenal die hard , In the la Liga Barcelona are my boys and locally am still scouting for a team anyone who is recruiting??

There you have it, am sure one or two things have shocked you. Please let me know on the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.


Ooopsss!!!! My Secrets are out..

Love love love



13 thoughts on “10 Things You had No Idea Of About Me.

  1. Today I’ve seen both sides of the coin of the faith I didn’t have an idea of..I’ve been in the dark especially number 2 and 10.. i noticed number 4 sometime back.wish you were a man-u fan though..haha!! Secrets galore!!!


  2. You dont do fish?! Eish apana and you experiment on food?
    Football fun!haha you barely can hit a ball swee.
    Men shoes? ok im guessing you are hunting for the best shoe or man or is it shoe on man.hihi.


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