Healthy Cooking. Meal #3


This is so far one of the best creations i have made. For this meal we could say i used a little cheating method called frying cause i thought the meal looked a little blunt. So i used three methods:

  • boiling
  • steaming
  • frying

Scotched Potatoes & Steamed Spinach




  • sausages
  • green leafy onions
  • garlic
  • potatoes
  • lemon
  • spinach
  • oil
  • margarine
  • egg
  • tandoori spice
  • garam masala
  • flour/ breadcrumbs
  • salt

Cooking It.

  1. Peal potatoes, wash, cut into small pieces. Put into a pot with chopped garlic and onions and bring to boil with  some salt.
  2. As the potatoes boil skin the sausages, mix with the spices and squeeze some lemon mix them up and let it sit aside for a while.
  3. when potatoes are ready, mash them up till no lumps are left add some margarine it helps with the flavor and helps forming a smooth thick consistency.
  4. Let the mashed potatoes cool for a while, after they coll roll them into balls and cover/coat with the sausage- this was the challenging part but it came out pretty descent.
  5. Dip the ball into the eggs then roll it into the flour/breadcrumbs and deep fry if for about 10 min till they become scotched.
  6. Wash the spinach under clean running water and chop them up. Steam the chopped spinach with some salt and a little oil/margarine.


Serve and indulge