Growing Up.


You never cross the river at the same place twice, you will never be that same age again, so live it up. My soul has always been older than my body or should i say  my age. The company of older people always made me feel good and comfortable. When i was little girl i always wished for the days i would grow older and make my own decisions and do whatever i wanted whenever i wanted.

But as i look back i think i was rushing way too fast to the future. I have come to learn that the age you are now is the age your meant to be. Don’t make the mistake of wishing them away. You know how sometimes you tell yourself or your friends ” I wish i was 10 years older or 2 years younger”, just stop wishing and embrace the age you are now. These are the best years of your life. Focus on the now and let the future take care of itself.


As i celebrate the last days of 21 am excited to see what 22 has to offer. I have decided to stop trying to see the end of the road but instead  take the time and smell the carnations and the roses along the way. Not forgetting to applaud and appreciate how far i have come. Those milestones achieved are not a joke.

“Ageing gracefully is about more than just your looks or physique; its about your disposition. Refresh your spirit, live with zeal and you will have discovered the fountain of youth” Chris Hart

They say your 20’s are your years of self discovery and finding your niche  and to be honest i don’t think am doing badly at that. So don’t be too hard on yourself this is the time to make those mistakes freely . Don’t take yourself too seriously its never that serious, be optimistic about life and don’t hold grudges. Plus we are in the century where the rule book is being torn apart. You don’t have to wait for 40 to own a real estate or get married in your 20’s or retire at 60. Just go by your own rules if you want to settle down at 35 or buy a home at 26 its all up to you.


So 22 am so ready for you, i cant wait for us to meet. Its time to grow up not old and age gracefully like this Classic Volkswagen Beetle. (Photo credits- Anne Saragi)

See you on the other side,