Celebrating love


With a pile of dishes in my sink and a pile of unfolded clean clothes on my bed and a burning urge to blog, i have chosen to start with the blogging maybe it will help me navigate my way through this mess. Today has been a very long day for me just got to the house at around 8:30pm mann this student life can be hectic sometimes. Away from my personal drama lets talk about love you know with valentines approaching.

Growing up i always knew valentines day is meant for grown ups, i guess that’s what i was always told. And when the day came i used to wonder why everyone wore red. I always thought that was pretty lame and cliche why does everyone want to look the same everywhere yikess!!!. For me this day is my favorite cause its the eve of my birthday,the eve to my second new year (did you know we all celebrate two new years? cool.)

But as i grew old i got to understand that this day is meant for every individual to celebrate love although i think love should be celebrated every single day. So this valentines i will be celebrating all kinds of love i have received and given all through my life both romantic and unromantic. Am sure all of us have been loved and have loved so we all know how that feels. So now do you agree with me that every bit of it is worth celebrating? Rightt?

So this valentines am celebrating the romantic love i have received and given all through my life. For the period they lasted it was all worth it and helped build the person i am today and to be honest i cant take that for granted.sometimes we focus so much on what we have lost and forget to celebrate what we gained. In case you are at that point where your nursing a broken heart, don’t feel like you have lost everything and soak yourself in tears this valentines, instead go out and do what you love or that that makes you happy to celebrate what you gained and the memories you made. Something i have learned with relationships,

Even if they last 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, 5 decades its still counts the memories and lessons learned from these experiences are what matters”

So ladies don’t be too hard on yourselves blaming yourself every time cause he left this too applies for men. If he/she isn’t there now simply means God doesn’t have a role for him/her in this chapter of your life. Love is truly a complicated topic of discussion¬† i used to think i was a guru in this sector lol (i don’t know why) but it showed me both sides, the good and the bad and i decided to take the good with me and grow with it. Am not saying it was a smooth sail for me, God knows how many times i cried myself to sleep we all go through this phase and how you deal with it is what matters. Irregardless to how bad you think your situation is trust me there is always a tiny little positive thing in there you just have to dig in. And one last statement i will leave you with to ponder on and agree to disagree with me on is, Don’t mistake sex for love, there is a big difference between having sex and making love. Its up to you to choose the one you want the power is in your hands.

They say how can you not talk about family when that’s all you’ve got.I will also be celebrating family love,these are the people you stay with and see everyday or if not the people who keep you grounded.The people you share the same roots with without choice, you’ve got no choice but to love them and learn to live with them. Even if its a simple meal its nice to have it together this valentines and say nice things to each other. Lets make an effort and celebrate each member in a unique way. When is the last time you told a family member you truly love them and meant it from the bottom of your heart? Well this weekend i your chance.

I celebrate the amazing support and love i get from my friends who have become my family by choice. People who love you unconditionally not cause they are getting anything in return just cause they want to. To all my friends i appreciate the love you show me and i hope you feel the same way as i do.

I urge you all this valentines to take sometime and let the people you love know you love them won’t cost you anything and to spice it up just buy them something nice it really does make a difference. Actions do speak louder than words.

“The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable”

Photo credits- Sarah Anyango


Love, be loved and celebrate love