Taking It Back

Who is in charge/ in control of your life? And please don’t tell me God because that’s an obvious answer for all of us plus i also consider it a scapegoat answer. Have you ever wondered why God gives us different life stories to tell, stories that even  us the tellers have no idea of what the script entails but somehow we tell it every single day. Amazing how the man above works right??!!

No matter how much we try to copy someone else lifestyle the story always turns out different. This is because he created us in his own image and likeness and in each of us he gave us something unique to differentiate each of us. Even twins may resemble in all aspects but their life stories never turn out to be the same.

All of us have been blessed with the power to take charge of our own lives. And most of us especially women tend to give that power away especially when big things happen in our lives. For instance you get married and automatically start following on your husbands political beliefs forgetting that yes you became one as husband and wife but that doesn’t mean you forget to live your own life and give up everything you believed in just to show this man that you truly love him. What happens when he passes on God forbid or the marriage doesn’t work out will you stop living?

Or you become a mother unexpectedly and you have to put some of the things in your life on hold for instance school, or you gain weight during your pregnancy and getting your body  back becomes a huge hustle.Some of these situations happen and are part of life but the choices you make are entirely yours. Don’t use these situations or circumstances  as an excuse for handing over your power and finding somewhere/someone to always put the blame on.

Yes you gave life and even may have sacrificed your entire life for the life you gave but always remember that the choices you made were entirely yours. Your children could have been a contributing factor to the choices you made, but don’t ever blame them for the lost opportunities. You made your choices let them make theirs. Don’t take their power just because you gave yours away.

In whichever way you have given your power, its time to take it back. Make choices that when you look back ten years from now you will be proud of yourself and will not blame anyone.

Remember mistakes are inevitable, without them none of us would ever know right from wrong. So make the choices entirely on your own and take your power back and remember…

“Destiny is choice not chance” Caroline Mutoko


                                     ”  Never a failure always a lesson.”