2016 February- Stock Take



Yeaahh!! Finally February 2016 we meet. I have seriously been craving for you. If you know me well and other Feb Babes, we adore this month. The month of love,birthday and also the shortest month of the year. Am really excited about this month i have so much lined up for you on the blog and they are really exciting thing. So lets all do the happy dance and get to the stock take.

Thanking God for his mercies and how good he has been to me and my family so far i, will never ever stop saying this with the man above in your life you can never go wrong AMEN.

Am so excited that am getting my reading groove back. Am done with my January read “How to get rich” by Donald Trump and now am on book two “The Tools”


Following some Instagram page called Suave Kenya and falling in love with their bags you should check them out here

Listening to two specific songs WOMAN by the beautiful Juliana Kanyomozi and Kuliko Jana by my boys Sauti sol.

Counting down to my birthday like a five year old.

Eating lots of fruits especially mangoes since they are in season. You know the funny thing is that i don’t like mango juice but i truly indulge in the whole fruit.

Reconnecting with the man above and feeling way too blessed. In case you are at that down moment in your life right now, count your blessings one by one and you will be surprised how the Lord has been good to you.

Learning how to fully depend on me and applauding the tiny little goals i achieve every single day.

Obsessed with my new machine. I wish i was talking about a car lol. But hey guys finally got a new laptop Yaaahh!! thanks mama.

Cooking a lot of healthy meals and sharing them with you guys on the blog. Hope you like them and please try them and tell me how it goes.

Drinking lots of milk its actually become my new soda.

You know how sometimes you think your tech survey then someone teaches you something and you like ooohhh!! you mean. Yup that has been me.

Wishing someone buys me a Suave Kenya back pack for my birthday you should check them out guys on their website here . Antonio please signal someone. P.s Antonio is my guardian angel.

Loving the support i get from my sister with the blog especially with the pictures and sharing my posts. Thanks sissy.

Applauding how far my blog has come not taking it for granted. Truly appreciate your support guys just in January 2016 we are at over 300 views from all over the world. One last request if your not already following the blog please follow, thank you.

Would like to know how your month has been and what your planning for this lovely month.


Enjoy your month,

Love Feb babe