Journey To Financial Freedom prt 2


Am sure by now you have all taken notes from the first part and your done scratching your heads. Before you get to excited about starting you journey to financial freedom let me be nice and give you more details. Get a nice seat and your reading glasses ( if you have any) and lets go….

The third speaker was Mwalimu Rachel, the gorgeous Radio and TV presenter was very bubbly and i must complement her diction for Swahili and English Amazingg!! I loved how she was open and she said for her the wake up call was having a baby come into her life. It completely changed how she did everything from living to thinking to working you name it. She gave an example of how we can use what surrounds us to make money. For instance if you have the numbers in your social media platforms you can use the platforms for commercial use. Saving for a purpose is very important irregardless to how small it is. Network ! Network! Network! its the only way you will get the customers flowing in. Lastly where you put your money get fully involved, do your homework ,gain knowledge on the specific subject. Knowledge is priceless. You can check out her website here

Pastor Mureithi of Mavuno church popularly known as Pastor M promised not to preach but gave a practical speech. Africans were colonized to consume and to produce and we need to change that mentality. Our continent is so rich in natural resource which if put in good use can create wealth that will sustain it. Every one of us was created for a unique purpose and its upon us to find what it is and use it. Education should make each one of us an agent of change. Building of wealth helps us in keeping of wealth. Therefore if you cant be a wealth builder then certainly you cant keep it. We all need wisdom to make money, and where does wisdom come from? You know the answer.

The last speaker was the lovely Waceke Nduati, C.E.O of Centonomy Limited. I loved how she was straight to the point.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Walsh

Match yourself to the process of getting these luxuries and sustain them. You always keep going  forward as long as there is some form of heat in your life. Some of the common comfort zones are:

  • Income Vs Expenses
  • Assets Vs Liabilities
  • Risk Vs Return
  • Lifestyle

Some comfort prisons are:

  • Other peoples approval- you always want to upgrade to impress others.
  • Ignorance- always using it as an excuse.
  • Fear

Comfort is untapped potential. And what happens if you tap it, it gives you remarkable results.

Knowledge is expensive, but ignorance ain’t cheap either.

Okay am done with all that scary talk, but before i go if you want to learn more you can visit the website here and even sign up for the classes, as long as your 18 years and above there is something for everyone. Thank me when you check your savings account in December.

Okay now am officially out, see you on the next post.