Journey to Financial Freedom prt 1


On the 16th of January i woke up at 8:00 and opened my Facebook page(as usual) and saw a couple of my friends had liked the centonomy post. The whole week advertisements of this open day had been running on the radio and seems that did grab my attention enough. So by 8:15 am i had made up my mind that i was going to attend this open day. What was i even going to loose anyway the forum was free. You know that moment you feel motivated early in the morning, Yess… that was me this particular morning.

For me this was the best decision i have made this month. The theme of the day was, ” Getting out of your comfort zone” They were five speakers that day and am going to share with you lessons i picked from each one of them. Tuende kazi..

There is a big difference between being wealthy and being rich, wealth is non abundance of resources and its never created in disorder always have a plan. Many of us have a mentality that we can only make money through our payslips but the truth is God has blessed us with non financial assets- talents,gifts, skills. This assets could be used as a way of getting an income. If your planning to become an entrepreneur and you don’t know where to start best advice is look for a problem and then solve it the money will come chasing after you have found a solution to the problem. Not everything in life is an emergency and we don’t have to wait for tragedies to happen for us to make a drastic decision. For instance don’t wait for you to loose you job or retire for you to start your business, DO IT NOW. Or the people who are always waiting for a big deal somewhere, the deal is always coming REALLY!!!. This for me was very eye opening you can have fun for cheap, most of us spend more time spending money than making it. Lastly always budget, budgeting is telling your money where to go and it makes it easy for accounting for every shilling. The 34 year old Douglas Wando knew how to put his words well. He is the founder of Living Effectively Mentorship Program.

The second speaker was a 22 year old Betty King’ori. She is the AIESEC president JKUAT and an engineering student at JKUAT. When she walked on stage i was like is this the same Betty who was in Kianda WOW!!!. I could really relate to her speech i guess its cause we are in the same age bracket. From her speech i left with the following points:

  • Most of us young people are locked down with image trap, we want to copy what everyone else is doing on the internet and around us without getting to understand where they get there money from.
  • Learn how to create wealth and not to become rich, for wealth will always generate you an income even when your dead.
  • This mentality of saving under the mattress is nonsense this is the 21st century,and the bad thing is we always end up using it on silly things.Open accounts that suits your saving plan.
  • For your savings plan to be effective you need to change how you live. Sacrifices must always be made for you to become financially free.

“Money is an idea to make money, all you need to do is change your thinking.”

Before i do a part two of this 101 open day i think you need time to read this more than once and take some pointers down. And remember taking down the pointers is one thing acting on them is another.

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  1. I personally struggle with saving too but i believe you first have to change you mind then have a reason to save and save. Little baby steps and you will get there. Thanks for reading and follow.


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