Finding your Happy!!



Am here seated in the school computer lab after checking my portal and thought why not use the rest if the time to do what makes me happy (Blogging) as i wait for this scorching sun to go down. Its pretty hot in Nairobi.

“Its not easy to find happiness in ourselves and its not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier

If you genuinely ask yourself right now at this very minute are you happy? And if you truly are what is the source of your happiness? is it your job, family,spouse, children, friends. Often we try to make another person the entire source of our happiness. But what happens when that person disappoints you in some sort of way or they stop existing in your life in one way or another do you stop being happy? ( Many questions woosh!! there almost over).


I used to be that person who entirely depended on people to make me happy but as i grow older i have come to learn to always have little or no expectations from people. So that the day they let you down in one way or another you don’t get so disappointed to the point that your so frustrated and your life has come to a stand still.

I have learned to entirely depend on me for my own happiness. I have found happiness in the practices i do every single day. I found it in God, in blogging, in expressing love to others.


Simple pleasures like a good cup of coffee or tea, a well made chocolate fudge cake (Java am coming your way), long showers, good music, a good book am telling you the list is endless. These are some of the things i came to notice as years went by make me so happy.

Having to depend on yourself for your happiness is a good habit, this way you don’t to rely on anyone and you also don’t throw blames on people for you sadness. So i urge you my friends to do some little soul searching and find what makes you genuinely happy. Lets spare our loved ones the burden of finding their happy and yours too. Take the responsibility and find and keep your happy.


                   “Some times we go so far to look for something that is within us”

Stay happy always


P.s the blog post was drafted sometime back so spare the first paragraph.