The ‘Church’ Ankara skirt



This title though…. but its true this is my church ankara skirt. Every time i wear this skirt my mum says ‘yes Faithy now that’s good for church’.

Church wear has always been a debatable topic in our society. And usually it does not favor women at all. Some say women should be burned from wearing pants and short things to church others say women should wear whatever they want wherever they want.

If you ask me my opinion i think every individual is entitled to wear whatever they want but lets not forget by exercising our rights lets not offend others. Everything in life has a limit. For me i go by a few rules;

  1. If it doesn’t fit well don’t wear it. There is nothing as annoying as uncomfortable clothes doesn’t look nice at all.
  2. If you decide to show some little cleavage or go with the strapless design cover the bottom. If its short cover the top its always good to leave the people on the other side wondering just a little.
  3. Big clothes only make you bigger.
  4. When going to a respectable place like church please just wear  clothes that are decent and comfortable. It only brings out your confidence more.


Back to my church skirt i love this skirt mainly cause of the pattern of the material. I bought this material some time back to make shoes for my good friend as a gift and when the extra material remained i thought adding a new short skater skirt into my tribal family is not a bad idea.

Although the tailor did not deliver what i wanted i still ended up liking this piece at least i got a new church skirt. Don’t i look pretty.





Black crop top- Thrifted

Ankara Skirt- Tailor made

Sandals-Mr Price

Jewelry- Maasai Market

Photo credits: Sarah Anyango

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Blessed Sunday